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Wondering what to do with all the artwork of your children? Preserve it in a photobook!
You have collected drawers and/or boxes full of their masterpieces and the mountain of art just keeps on growing and taking up more space. Let us help you preserve their artwork in a custom photobook. We can add photos, captions, and backgrounds to the pages to compliment their drawings and craft projects.
We can scan or photograph all the drawings, paintings and craftprojects for you. Or you can scan or photograph it yourself and supply us with the digital files. If you cannot bring the artwork to us or are unable to scan and photograph it yourself, a local office services supply store should be able to scan it for you. Just make sure to ask them to scan it at a minimum of 300dpi.
Here some simple tips if you want to digitise the masterpieces yourself:
Make a pile of artwork you'd like to include in your book. You have two options for turning your art into a digital format. You can scan or photograph your art. If you decide to scan your images, any desktop scanner will do. Just make sure your scanner is set at a minimum of 300 dpi.
If you choose to photograph it, use a tripod or set your camera on a steady surface. Make sure the room is well-lit. Natural light is always best. Choose a simple background. You don’t want anything taking away from the art.
Also take some photos of your child/children holding some of their artwork or capture them creating the art. The process is just as much fun as the end result.
Add narration to your book
You can attach a word document or notepad note, with captions to some of the images (just make a note of the scanned image or photo name, next to each caption)
You could include the date it was created, the teacher your child had, the school they went to and a fun anecdote about the project. You could even ask your child to write or tell you something about each piece. If they write in their own handwriting, scan or photograph it, so we can add their OWN notes in their OWN handwriting with their pieces.
Some simple probing questions about their pieces also make for great answers. Like asking what they were thinking about when they were drawing, or painting. Questions like: “What were you thinking about when you drew your pet dog flying?” Or: “Why is daddy wearing a car?”
We will round the book off with a beautiful custom cover.
The cover is just as important as the contents. Let us know what your favourite masterpiece is, and we will use that as the cover, including the name of the child, the year/s of the artwork. Basically ANYTHING you would like to include in the cover. You can even have your little artist draw a self-portrait. Or show a variety of smaller images from the pieces you favour!
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